Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day one - The Extended Family

By 11:00 last night all were in bed. The moving truck is gone and Trish, Sullivan, Bella and Licorice - the 80 pound dog - have moved in until September 12. My house is all of 900 square feet. Can we say cramped quarters?????

The furniture and furnishings are tucked in garage, shed and corners of my house. Food is in the fridge and on the kitchen table next to the bushel of ripe tomatoes. Need to preserve them soon. The deflating air mattress served as bed on the kitchen floor for the girls. Gonna hafta find that leak and fix it tonight. Trish slept on the couch. Geli has established herself as alpha dog, all 13 pounds of her directing Licorice to the corners of the house and yard.